Bernd Rebbereh

Negotiation and finalization of licensing, development, purchasing and logistics contracts. Tort law.


Has worked on complex contracts from IT, aerospace, defence and automotive companies. Has also worked on more than 800 insolvency cases.
Takes on cases wherever they are not part of a conflict of interests with existing clients.


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Studied jurisprudence in Göttingen
1973–1976    Employed in the legal affairs department of the German holding company (electronics, etc.) of an American firm
1977–2006    Head of various departments at a leading-name German car maker

Reference Projects:

Electronics industry: Elaboration, negotiation and finalisation of complex contracts in the sectors of communications technology, military technology and aerospace technology, in German as well as English.
Automotive industry: licensing and development contracts, management of production in all legal and contractual matters (from energy supply, purchasing and logistics contracts to tort law),
Risk management in purchasing, control of sequences in over 800 insolvency cases of supply businesses.