You can easily compare us with a pilot for a ship,


who comes on board briefly to steer a ship around cliffs, without the captain's competence being called into question.
We don't use standard methods, but instead take an individual look at the way your company is set up and its current structure.
Machines and tools are located where they are located, after all. Your processes only occur the way they do on your premises. That's why it's paramount to fine-tune things in the right way directly on-site.


Absorb. Recognise. Analyse. Motivate. Improve profitability. That's our recipe for success. 


We don't work selflessly, but we definitely work for the benefit of your company – that's guaranteed.


All we're interested in is getting your company back on a profitable course.
That is our mission. You pay for nothing more than our operational activity.
We don't charge success-related commissions, nor do we have to safeguard employee loyalty or employer interests. We act as neutrally as a referee, because we no longer depend on anyone. Everyone is a professional in their own field of expertise, and works smoothly with the other experts as a team player.
This constellation is unique.


 Why we can often still help when the situation seems hopeless.


Our top priority is to avoid any insolvency and to secure the continuation of the company on a sustainable basis. If the right measures are implemented straight away, the prospects are good.

That's what we're trained for.
It may involve us supplying the bank with a feasible decision basis for granting new loans because of a feasible business model, or for prolonging current ones because of changed constellations. If investors are being sought, it may involve us supplying clarity about a company's capacity to continue existing with a relevant due diligence test, detecting any potential dealbreakers far in advance.
If qualified and respected experts with specific knowledge of the business are brought in, the chances of rescue are incomparably greater than if the survival of a company is left merely in the hands of lawyers and auditors. 
We focus primarily on
  • Securing product quality
  • Restructuring
  • Threat of insolvency
  • Turnaround
  • Setting up profitable networks
  • Task force series startup
  • Product and production strategy
  • Tapping of new markets
  • Interim management
 You have one contact partner and coordinator who will answer all your questions.