When the ship's in danger of sinking, every move has to be right


Companies forced into heavy and dangerous seas by crises need one thing above all:
recourse to someone who immediately recognises the reason for a change of tack, and who is in a position to correct it as soon as possible. A qualified pragmatist who, rather than selling you theoretical concepts or forcing ill-fitting patent recipes on your company, intervenes effectively wherever things are not running optimally. With an urgent need to measure success instantly and set things moving in the right direction.


We can do it!


Our 'emergency task force' prevents medium-sized companies from getting shipwrecked in their production and with upcoming series startups.

We see things that even insiders often overlook. We sense dangers that you're often unaware of. We protect you from making wrong decisions that will incur you great expense.


Experts from leading positions in the automotive industry developed the concept behind Hofer Risk Management and are practically applying it. They were and still are responsible for development, production, quality assurance, factory planning, fabrication technology and supplier sourcing – or for the overall purchasing of several factories. A head of logistics will be working for you, as will a technical manager. All these specialists joined forces because, looking back on long careers, they now finally have the time and the opportunity to pass on their expertise to those who need it for securing the future of their companies.



These experienced people are at your side

Martin Muskatelz Business sector development, project planning, project management. Crisis management. Organisational development.
Gerhard Funck Product development of vehicle powertrain. Acoustics. Validation for series production.
Bernd Rebbereh

Negotiation and finalization of licensing, development, purchasing and

logistics contracts. Tort law.

Axel Sauer Organisation. Finances. Controlling.
Peter Hiller

Strategic and operative purchasing. Scheduling. Supplier development.

Legal affairs. Materials logistics.

Werner Conzelmann Procurement, production and distribution logistics, Kan-ban control, DP-logistics systems. Customer order processing.
Willi Papenheim Factory planning. Production planning. Industrialisation. Production-costs optimisation. Failure analysis. Series startup management.
Ulf Polzin Quality assurance. Product development. Supplier development.
Karl Barnreiter Product Development. Design. Project Planning. Project Management
Wolfgang Stephan Product strategy. Product management. Development methodology and processes.