Only hofer Risk Management has the approach that truly focuses on your company, because:

We are highly specialised

We provide consulting services exclusively to production companies in the automotive sector.

We can do it

We see things that even those in the know frequently overlook. We sense dangers that you're often unaware of. We protect you from making wrong decisions that incur you great expense.

This is our recipe for success:

Absorb. Recognise. Analyse. Motivate. Improve profitability.
We're rather like a pilot who boards a ship briefly to ensure it goes where it should.


When qualified and respected specialists with specific knowledge of a particular business are brought in, the chances of rescue are far higher than when the future of a company is decided merely by lawyers and auditors.


We place the right expert at your side in every situation!


We focus primarily on:
  • Securing product quality
  • Restructuring
  • Threat of insolvency
  • Turnaround
  • Setting up profitable networks
  • Task force series startup
  • Product and production strategy
  • Tapping of new markets
  • Interim management