Martin Muskatelz

Product strategy. Product management. Development methodology and processes.

Engineering know-how combined with corporate and marketing expertise.


- - -


Studied industrial engineering / mechanical engineering at Graz Technical University

1997-2000      Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG/Drive technology in Steyr

Project engineer and assistant to production manager


since 2000      hofer powertrain

Setup & management of the Steyr branch
Project management gear development
Setup hofer Development Centre, Stuttgart

Management in Development Centre Ingolstadt (Gaimersheim/Lenting)

Project & business development for hofer AG


Reference Profjects:


Prototypes, process development, startup and series management for production of bevel gears for heavy-duty vehicles
Process development and series startup for four-wheel drive for cars
Project management for car gears development
Crisis management & organisational development
Development of major projects (automotive product development) and establishment of new business sectors and markets